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How Red Bean Became

Illustrated by Frank Campbell
Narrated by Orten Ford
Red Bean 1 revised.jpg

Tj/u/t  łi/e  nJasQt  ddede/ge/s,  huO  lxteLis,  hiʔe  hi  Jil  pins,  wsSneOp  ssPqiN, hu  CiZCZt.  hoy,  zu/y  hu  Tppcne/tj  hiʔe  n  ccWeSe/.  hayo!

They walked along this one day the three of them, they were good buddies this one Red Bean, Long Stemmed wheat, and Red Coal. So they traveled along and soon found themselves standing on a shore of this little creek. Oh my!



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Red Bean 2 revised.jpg

jeNt  ldeN  m  axi/Lm  m  nyife/J?  hoy  Dłpa/xnte/s,  hoy  cuti  hiʔe  wsSneOp  ssPqiN  “Euy/e  Ou/  hi  dn  wisSn  ce/j  Ne  dn  TJncut  hiʔe  l/e   n  sxcin.  jeNt  Ne  put  Ou/  d  n/isAut  DOCicn  jeNt  Sey m Eu  dzstalEmntp  m  p  nyifeJ.”

Just how will they manage to get across it? So they thought and plotted, finally said this Long Stemmed Wheat “it shall be me since I am the longest in length if I should lie down right here on the bank, then I will just to the other side reach then that way me you will upon you folks will get across.”

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Red bean 3 revised.jpg

hoy  xest  Dłjenzcntm,  jeNt  SeY  sTJncut  Ou/  wsSneOp  ssPqiN  JuLOcut  t  nxxLeWs.  jil  pins  Ou/  s  S/it  dxesSNiM  hu  nyifeJ.  hoy,  Oi/e  CixcZt  cnigc  dszstalE.  Put  nyihheWsM  Ye  n  ccWeSe/,  DOwulip  hiʔe  CiZCZt  hu  nTifpetj,  nglletj!  

So good they all agreed on this plan promptly then he laid and stretched himself out did Long Stemmed wheat he made himself like a bridge. Red beans was the first he carefully placed his steps and got across. So then the Red Coal himself began walking upon him. Just got on to the middle of the little stream. He burned did red Coal and fell into the creek and he drowned!

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Red Bean 4 revised.jpg

Jil  pins  widis  Ou/  tL  n  n/isAut  hoYncut  hu  dTLpeWs!  hoy  Za  t  swet  hu  WeWidNtM  hu  Ye  t  piq  sTopqs  hu  heO  dToEeWsNtm,  heO  zlil  hec  nppNeWs.

Red Beans saw this from the opposite bank he laughed until he burst! Finally I guess someone came along and found him and with a white piece of thread did again pull him together and stitched him up, he came back to life he sat up but now he is bent over.

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Red Bean 5.jpg

jeNt  lSe/  hu  nyaFpmist,  hi  jil  jeNt  hec  npNeWs  hu  hiʔe  t  JJYuMe/  t  piq  hu  hec  dxPeWs,  hiʔe  jil  pins.

Then that’s how he has stayed since, he is red then he is hump-backed and there is a tiny bit of white showing where he was stitched back together, this the Red Bean.

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