Turtle Lake

turtle story 1.jpg

Oi dnaqs sqLtmiz Ou/ n n/eRsij hu Za/ CSdeni, lSe/ hu emcnetj. hi jeNt hu widis Oi/ jtu..nt sPrJaqs Cnes. Czu..y ctedld Ou/ sPrJaqs. Czu…ymis hu dfacSntes, nte…

This one man there on Turtle Lake and whats he doing, there he sat on the shore. Suddenly he saw this huge turtle coming towards him it came, stood in front of him did the turtle. He went to him he tied him on the foot, he thought…

turtle story 2.jpg

“ho.y, hi qe/O zuym!” Oi Ne n S/it hu dfacSntes, D /e heO OaqSlS.

“Bo..y, I’m taking this one home!” After he had first tied him up by the foot, over to here again sat down.

turtle story 3.jpg

hu sewne/ Ou/ t ngxcin, CxiO t sTRTRe/m! hu t aCxis…. Oi Ou/ sn/iwlm…. Te/deN! Ou/ s nwist Ou/ sn/iwlm, hu Cnes!

And he heard something very loud. Just like it was thunder! And he looked at the sound that wave…it was humongous!

Turtle Story 4.jpg

Hu jeNt widis Ou/ sndOCa/sqaxe/ lSe/ hu hec aWtpaOq. hi Aay Ou/ sndOCa/sqa! Sey hu psap Ou/ sqLtmiz..

So very high was the wave, and coming toward the man and then he saw it the horse right behind and it wasfollowing the huge wave. It was black the horse! That’s when overcome was the man

Turtle Story 5.jpg

zTTpNuMt, Ou/ zTip! xTi…p, D lju..t hu glip. heO aCx

he jumped up quickly, and to the steep hill he did run! He ran, to far away and stopped. He looked back

Turtle Story 6.jpg

Duw! Duw Ou/ sn/iwlm Duw Ou/ sndOCa/sqa! Hoy, emu..t hu heO Dzuymis Ou/ sfacsqaxe/s Duw nez Duw Ou/ sfacLa/zsqaxe/s Ou/ sPRJaqs!

Gone! Gone was the wave.. gone was the horse! There he sat and again Went to see about his staked out animal gone! Also gone was the tied up animal, the turtle!

SeY hu hoy