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seY ecxiO hu JLnunm qe/nple

How We Came To Be

Oi  Ye nJasQt, ez spilye he/c  zstlwisi,  ta D deN  hec  zuyi, dmiS  he/c zstlwisi. 

One day Coyote was walking along not going anywhere in paritcular, he was just walking around.

hi  jeNt  hu  DO  ne/DnuMt-----   “hayo!  miO  hi  gil!”  ta  he/c MMe/cnMisti Ou/  huO  isCD, ta  he/c  njne/Yi  Ou/  huO  sxaxND  hoy, ntels--- “tam hin xmend---- Oi  Ye---- hu  he/CSde ?!?” 

Suddenly he realized there was no noise, no sound, oh my. The squirrels were not chattering, the robins were not singing, he thought to himself, "I don't like this and was wondering what the matter was. What is wrong?"

hoy, SeY  qs  gu/g/u/sms  spilye  Ou/  D  snlSlSe/tis  Ou/  zizeYuO. g/u/sis   Ou/  huO  JeJTNe/---  hi  DuDu/uw;  nez  Ou/  huO  heWt, hi DuDu/uw.  zuy  Ou/  D huO  sxaxND -- nez  hi  DuDu/uw; Ou/  huO   OaMaYe,  DuDu/uw  Ou/  tN  COQLi/.... hayo,  D  DeN  Ou/  hecyaf!?!

Coyote went to the homes of of the birds and animals. He looked for the in their holes and they were gone. And the rats, they were gone. He went to the trees and checked on the Robins and they were gone. Next he went to the lake to see if he could find the frogs, and they were not at home. Oh my, where is everyone?

zu...y  hu  Ye  njest  hu  WeWidi/s  sqleW------  ti  he/c  wejisti... spilye  sewis  sqleW---“ZL  steM  hu ta je/c  JuLOzli, tMa  qe/s  Di/tmiOls  t  s/istd,  hu  Ye  Cyu  

j  he/c  wiyfeOz ?!?   hu  jeNt  D  deN  Ou/  hecyaF  zizeYuO  ?!?” 

Coyote kept walking, suddenly he heard something in the bushes, It was Beaver. He was hiding. Coyote asked Beaver, "why aren't you building your winter home and getting ready for winter? The cold weather is getting close and you are not fixing your winter home. Where are all the other people?

ta  qs  eCiNNt  sqleW, dmiS  hu  he/c  CEaEi, hu  jeNt 

heO  wejist  n  he/c  YYiL------  cuys  sqleW  t  spilye--  “ta  

Eu  qs  nxelmntz,   tam  j  hi  qs  eSdenm,  dmiS  hu  hin  

xmend  hi  qs  miypnunm  D  deN  Ou/ hecya 


Beaver didn't say anything, he just began to cry and went back into the bushes to hide. Coyote told him, "Beaver you don't have to be afraid of me I am not going to do anything to you." I just want to know where all the other animals are at. Do you know what happened to them?

ho....y  cuntm  t  sqleW----  “qe  NdiciOlt  Ou/  Ye  t   n/aOisqeliztn,  hu EmEmntes  he/cyaF!  hoy, Nem  nez  qe/  WeWidOLt  m  nez  qe/ EmEmip!”  jeNt  heO  CEaA!  hoy, DOpa/xnte...s  t  spilye  “hoy, DucnS, sqleW,  qa/qs  DOpa/xem  ldeN  m  qe/  axilm  m  qe/  pulstm  Ye n/aOisqeliztn   m  qe/  trtrntem  Ou/  qe/   sLxLaxt- -”   

Beaver told him a A Giant People Eating Monster came among us and he killed everyone. I am scared he will find us and kill us too. He began to cry some more and crawl back into the bushes. Coyote thought and thought, 'how can we kill this giant people eater so we can get our friends back?'

ho---y   cM  sqleW  dNSic  spilye  hu  Ju/Lm  t   ZiyZiyt  sSens  NiNDMN--  hoy,  Se/s  gu/g/u/sms  Ou/  n/aOisqeliztn.  hayo!!

Coyote convinced Beaver to help him kill the monster. They satt down and made a sharp flint knife. Beaver and Coyote began their search for the giant people eating monster.

sewne/  t  ngxcin  Ou/  D  DSuAtidN  n  hec  

mAmoA,  nxeO  sqleW!  “Ze/Oe,  qa/qs  wjwejisti!” CAaA sqleW, cuntm  t  spilye---- “tam!  Eu  dlDlDntez  

Ye  n  hec  mAmoA jeNt  Ne  hi  dn  Can!  Can!”wi/s  Canmstm  t  sqleW, hu  we/is  Oi  Ye  n/aOisqeliztn---. 

“n/aOi>>>sqeliz>>>tn!  eS>>des>>tz   Ou/  qe/  sLxLaxt/!/! ----PgPge/cstmntz!!!”  ih! choYncut   Ou/   n/aOisqelZtn 


They heard a loud noise coming out the other side of the mountains, Beaver cried, "Hurry let's hide ourselves." "Come here and tie me up, bind me up tight and I will wait for the People Eating Monster to find me" Coyote told him. Coyote began to yell, "Giant People Eating Monster what have you done to all of our friends? Turn them loose!" He laughed at the Giant People Eating Monster. He said...

“jeNt  j  nte  j  swet?   hu  lSe/  hu  Eu/ ezjuntz? cuti  spilye--  “dn  spilye,  Nem  nDNiDncn,  Ne  ta s Pgpge/dstmntz  Ou/  hecyaF  qe/  ZiZeYuO!”  heO   

chaht   Ou/  n/aOisqeliztn---

"I am coyote, who do you think you are? I will cut you up if you do not turn all of the animals and birds loose." The Giant People Eater Laughed...

hu  t  ngxcin----  yo----, CxiO  t  yoyot  

sneWt---  yoyoscu/tddNdNi/m  n  Ye  sSNSeNS  hu  ta  s  

nOo/mtm.  hi  jeNt  hu  heO  cOopm  Ye  n/aOisqeliztn  hu  

Tu/Twaq  Ou/  facsqa/xe/ti/s --  hu  CxiO  TzTu/zt  hu  

Ou/  D  nTJTJJa/OALt  n  n/aOisqeliztn,  hu  


and he drew a very loud breath. It was like a very strong wind. Coyote held on to the rocks and trees. The Giant People Eater inhaled again and the ropes that tied Coyote began to break. Coyote broke loose as the Giant People Eater inhaled him. He went inside the Monsters mouth who then inhaled and swallowed both Beaver and Coyote.

ez  tL  Se/  CEaE  sqleW  “hayo!  qe/   nyifa/pmist--- 

ldeN  m  qe/ axilm--”, cuti  spilye-----  “ta  lSe/  m  j   qs

n/axlels,  Nem  puti/  qe/  Sgpnuntm  Ye  n/aOisqeliztn.” 

Beaver began to cry harder, "oh my we are going to be here forever." Coyote told Beaver to help him we can beat him.

hoy,  AaA/a/p  Ou/  D  stxends  n/aOisqeliztn--- pnhe/wsm  t smxeYdn,  cOomLS---  “Nem  iOistmn,  p  JiJiYuMe/  zizeYuO – Ne  d  hi  qs  yoyotwiLSi – ta  s  nxeO  spilye,  Puti  qa/  qs  Sgpnunm  Ye  

n/aOisqeliztn--- “  zuy  hu  nsPaqsis  Ye  jtunt  smxeYdn---  hu  ZL  SeY YetOZa  hi  plpil  Ou/  sPsPa/qsc  huO  smxeYdn.


and then they moved down to the stomach. In where they met Grizzly Bear, who roared at them, "The two of you are so small but I will eat you so I will get stronger." Coyote was not afraid of Grizzly and he hit really hard on the nose. That is why Grizzly's nose is flat

tL  Se/  AaA/a/p  Oi  Ye  huO  lxteLis.  hi  jeNt   hu  

se/wne/  hi “s-s-s-s!”  ih,  ne/J  x/ule/z  ccu/ntm----

“Nem  J/eyncn  m  p  glil!”   ih,  spilye,  hi  jeNt  hu 

dqLutapqis  Ye  x/ule/z   hu  ZL  SeY  hu  Ne  j widm  t  

x/ule/z  jeNt  hi  plpil  Ou/ spOpOqifys! 

From then on they became friends. Suddenly they heard a hissing sound, it was Rattle Snake. He told them "I will bite you and all of you will die." Coyote walked over and stepped on his head that's why today the Rattlesnake's head is flat.

ho..y,  DODi/dS  Ye  n  stxenxs  Ye  n/aOisqeliztn---- ha—yo---, ENpiYe/wt   Ye  zizeYuO--- hecyaF  hu  he/c cEa/Ea/Ei/ -- he/c  c/o/ti,  jeNt  Ou/  hec  dmSqnmisti—

nhe/h/e/Lisntm  t  spilye----- “p he/CS/eSdeni/!  dmiS   hu  p  he/c  co/c/oti -- D/upwi,  DNStweZi,  Ne  p  qs  trtrpmi!” Cris  cuti  “ldeN  m  qe/  axilm---miO  De  qe/c  

ZupptwiLSi---!”  spilye  cuys---- 

Finally they reached the stomach of the Giant People Eater. There were all of the animals they were pitiful & crying. Coyote scolded the ones who have given up, "What is the matter with all of you why have you all given up, shut up & quit your crying. Help each other so you can get free." Kingfisher said "We have become weak & helpless what can we do?" Coyote Told Him...

“ta  p  qs  dmSmSqnmistwi!”   hu  jeys  Oi  Ye  s JuLOs  NiNDMiys  hu  Se/s  nteLenciy  Ye  n/aOisqeliztn  sn/isteOCe/s! 

"Don't you give up" and then he took his flint knife, and began to chop away at the Giant People Eating Monster insides.

hecyaF  hu  dodoSi/lS  hu  jeNt  SeYs  dNSi/tms  spilye.  Ni---Dm  hu DOdi/cis  Ou/  sp/usc  n/aOisqeliztn.  CxiO  Ye  t  sSNSeNS—hi  Tas--Tas--- hi giC!  “huy,  AiOmi/stS   sqleW,  Eu  dNSit!”

All of the animals begin to holler and help Coyote. Coyote cut & cut until he reached the heart. The Monster's heart was as hard as stone. He yelled at Beaver to come help him.

ho--y,  hu  cntlpend,  cTJuJ  Ye  jtu--nt  sp/us,  hu  glil  Ye  n/aOisqeliztn---  ih! 

Finally the heart breaks loose and the Monster dies.

cOZOZPi/m  Ye  zizeYuO  he  Ce...wt  hu  spilye  c/ocqe/ 

All the animals rushed out of the openings of the Monster. The animals ran and the birds flew as fast as they could. Coyote came out last.

hu  cuti... “hoy,  qa/qs   JuLm  jeNt  ne  ta  qs  he/O   zlil!”  xxsteYe/  suse/wis  Ye  huO  zizeYuO --- Jigt  nyiStule/z  nte/  m  qs  la/Qms. 

Skunk said, "now we must fix it so it never comes alive again. Some thought we can cut him up and bury him."

Jigt  qs  nCQmne/tjms  n  COQli/,  tMa  xemt  jeNt  Nem  n/ost  ZL  pentd;

Then others thought that they could throw his parts into the water. He is so heavy he would sink to the bottom.

Jigt  nte/  Ne  Ye  t  ClCil, Ye  t  ylyolE   m  COxle/ne/is----  sZiye/Opi--- sanpoilS-- 

We could cover him with trees. Big thick ones said the Lakes People.

sqleW  hu  cuti--- “Ne  qe/  nDniDntm  m  qe/   is/isJlntm  Ye  n  sTuliz,  jeNt  Nem  ta  le/deN  he/  CxiO  m  heO  zlil,  Ou/  Ne  ta  hepO  sqeltd!  “SeY  xest”,  Spilye---  cuti   “Nem  qe/  lujlujteLisntm.”  Ne  DOniDis 

steM  t  spilye--  jeNt  D  ljut  hu  CQmiys!  Ou/  TJuJ  sqeltds   n/aOisqeliztn,

The Keller People said that we could cut him up and throw his parts all over the land, then he will never come alive again because he will have no body. Coyote cut him into pieces and began throwing the parts in different directions.

jeNt  Oilt  Ou/  snzuls  Ou/  sqeltd  JuLL  t  /e  t  Tuzleliz,  Oi  Ye  t  huO  s/haptni--  t  huO sdi....cuWi...t...huO  qLispeL, -----t  huO  snzmene/ey,---t   huO  scqesciOni,  NQ/eWsi---  ---sZiye/Opi---sanpoilS--- 

Then he splashed his blood. The body part turned into different tribes. This one will be the Nez Perce, This one will be the Coeur D'Alenes, and this will be the Kalispels. The heart will be the Middle Spokanes and the Little Falls People. Throw this to the West and it will be the Colvilles.

hecyaF!  Ou/  sOilc  Oi/  snZuls  n/aOisqeliztn----  jeNt JuLL  t  sqeliz,  yaFpqiN  TuZTuZleliZ  sqlqeliZ –   

jeNt  puti/  lSe/  hu  he/ CxiO  YetOZa! 

The blood was thrown in many directions and it became many, many different tribes.

hu  pN  Ou/  huO  zizeYuO-----  hi  heO  huO  npiy/els--- S/it  le/mtmiys  Ou/  spilye   ZL  scJuLsc,  ye  pulsc  Ou/  n/aOisqeliztn---  hu  jeNt  SeY  hu  DeTeLmziLS!

The Animal People were happy again. They all thanked Coyote for killing The Giant People Eating Monster. But that was the end of the Animal People. Coyote had made way for the Humans.

šey u hoy
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