spilye hu sZoZo

     Coyote & Fox

Story 1.jpg

snc/e/Ws Ou/ spilye hu sZoZo. cu/pseWs Ou/ huO sJu/ys, jeNt xmnde/Ws, nJe/Oz.


Brothers were Coyote, and Fox. Sisters were their mothers, so they liked each other so they lived in one house.

Story 2.jpg

ye sZoZo hi zuJ, zuJ hecyaF stMteMs hu xest hec el/elJ

The Fox was clean, very clean all of his belongings were well put away

Story 3.jpg

Hayo, pN Oi Ye spilye, hunez LaLiWa/ POewt Ou/ stMeMs. Ne pulsm t s/iOn, jeNt qmnYewt Ou/ ststxend, Ou/ sCMCoM.

Ah ha but this Coyote, truly very careless strewn about were his things. If he killed something to eat, then laid about were the guts, and bones.

Story 4.jpg

Jigt ge he/c n/aQeWs ta stem hec Zelsc. sZoZo em hec nhe/h/ene/sc spilye qs es/isJlms Ou ge dstwilSs stMteMs ta!

Some were already getting rotten even he throws nothing away. Fox in vain would scold Coyote to throw away what’s already spoiled of his things NO!

Story 5.jpg

Ne heO huO pulstm t stem, jeNt cnCQmiys m D sZoZo’s snSDteOCe/s TJuJ ih, t sZoZo heO cOTdiysc D spilye, cuti “ax!”

When he’d kill something, he’d just toss it into Fox’s side of the house the fox would flip to Coyote’s with a stick he’d say “yuck!”

Story 6.jpg

Ne JuLsncut spilye ta he/c ntel’endm, hi milj m nTpusis, jeNt Ou/ ci/tzs puzpnweO t DsaOq hoy, OiYe nJa dsQme/me/ltn Csp/i/On

When Coyote would cook he does not pull the guts out, he would boil the whole thing, Then their house would get an awful smell, oh but this one day they grew very hungry, they had ran out of food.

Story 7.jpg

Ye n yiheWsm hu hepO uRu/s Dselm hu hec nmndnmnwe/z, he/c Ee/ci/sti jeNt qs esde/ni?!

Here in the middle of their house they had a fire both of them had their backs turned to each other, they were warming themselves so what were they to do?!

Story 8.jpg

ih, ez spilye he/c nOeJLsncuti ldeN m ti?zO s/iOn, m jeNt guz ta miO qs dsWiWitmi/stm.

Boy Ol’ Coyote was busy scheming and plotting how will they get food, but then not to expend too much energy doing so.

Story 9.jpg

hayo, hi jeNt hu OTTpNuMt spilye “d hi ye/ps scntels! czuyS sZoZo qa/qs To/TEaLqsi t szpzapxn t dyiLyaLzqn.” ih, nOuzOuz pa/lqsm dQcQCpene/m, dyilya/zqnm, yu/Ciys Ou spLi/mciys, Ou/ sdODMM/u/sc.

Ah ha, suddenly he jumped up did coyote “I have an idea! Come on Fox, let us sew up clothing, some wingdresses with matching head kerchiefs.” Boy, they slipped the dresses on, they braided their hair, tied on their head kerchiefs, they rouged their lips, their cheeks.

Story 10.jpg

Ne/j sZoZo Ou/ qs swi/numti Occ/ups. Cuys Ou/ Occ/upscqs dzu/yms Ye huO sisiyus n sdOip, n sQQMeYe/m, Ye D thilahidN “jent ne qe/ yifap, ta j qs eCiNNt Nem dmiS Euy/e Ou/ d hi qs uwewlSi.” ‘Ne qe/ npilS Ye n stuztzu/sc QeyMu/tye/s, jeNt Ne Ou/ D nxlend m j OaOqLS j qs dssoZsoZ pusi, jeNt j he/O d/e/ePsNcut.” sZoZo cuti, “af.” “hu ha, qe/s zizuyi…” hunez lSe/ hu axi/Lm npi/lS.

Apparently Fox was to be the beautiful little sister. He told his little sister they were going to see these smart, industrious in hunting, in fishing, here over the hill “Then when we get there don’t you say a word let only me do all of the talking.” “When we go in there, in the sisters teepee, then to the pantry you will sit over there. You’ll be teary eyed, then you will keep wiping your eyes.” Fox said “ok.” “Come on, let’s get going”, sure enough that’s how they done it they went in.

Story 11.jpg

cuti spilye “qe/ cjulOlt t qe PZPZut qe/ Csps/iOn, he/c nSeS/ti qe/ cuOlt Ne qe/ cAOAeOt t s/iOn Zl da/Ol/a, jeNt Ou/ n mosQt m n hi Occ/ups m q/eO czizuy.” “qe/ c/iMS m n han huO Oqaqce/ qe/ nZnZeWsm eMsM hin Occups puti/ sJuJiMLt, ta he/c miyscut t sqlqltmiz. hu pN ENcinS, qe/c cjulOlt t qe/.”

Coyote said “we were sent here by our old parents, we are out of food, we are all starving they told us when we carry back some food for 3 days, on the 4th day me and my little sister will be back.” “We will move here and with your brothers, we’ll become their wives…oh my poor little sister is yet but a child, she doesn’t know the men. Oh but alas, we were told to come here by our elders.”

Story 12.jpg

Oi Ye Dsel peOPOJi/ su/sWi/lS, hu cu/ti “ge xest Ne qe/ huO Oqaqce/ ti/zO noZnoZ.” Ih, npujpjntes Ou/ n sAOAe/Oc t scqiYeOCe/, t scqiYesO, OZOoZ, t he/c yaF stMteM.

These 2 women whispered together, and said “that’s good if our 2 older brothers get wives.” Boy, they began to fill the backpacks with dried deer meat, with dried salmon, choke cherries, with every kind of food.

Story 13.jpg

Ou/ heO yifa/p n sZoZo, SeYs QMMale/m! wjwe/jis sd/iOi/stis, PaP/ante/s Ou/ sCMCom Ou/ n asl/a lSe/ heO Ju/Lm da/Ol/a nez he/CxiO, hu Ou/ heO yifa/p wulnte/s Ou/ xcu/mtis, CuCe/WsM heO hoS hoSqi/nm huy, hu heO njeLe/ndM…hoy.

So when they got back he & Fox, boy they pigged out! They hid all their seeds they burned up the bones. Then on the 2nd day the same was done, the 3rd day also the same, but when got home again, they burned all their clothes, washed their faces, unbraided their hair combed it, then they laid in front of the fire again.

Story 14.jpg

hu ti/zl sdi/ccn. spilye cu/ysye Dsel sqlqLtmiz “aF cnpilSwi, ta Eay hu qe/ hec ti/zO sdiccn, Ye qe/ ljut tN he/cyaF sqeliz…” “i…” cuti/ dnaqs, “qe hec gug/u/sm Dsel swiwi/numti huO SSeWSu/tM, gm q he/O Czizu/y, jeNt qa/ qO noZnoZ, uc wi/dntp?” spilye dPi/qsdSncutm, hu cuti “…ta, ta swet he/ sCzu/y, tMa qe/ miO Okut jent Za t /e D de/n…”

Finally they got some visitors. Coyote told these 2 men “hello, come on in, it’s rare for us to get visitors, we are so far away from all other people.” “Yes…” said one of them, “we are looking for 2 beuatiful little teenage girls, who were supposed to again come back to us, to become our wives, have you seen them?” Coyote pinched his leg, and he said “no…, no one comes here, you know we are too far away, but then maybe you try a different direction…”