Welcome friends! Enjoy learning the Spokane language. Spokane is the westernmost dialect of a language continuum extending from Montana to Washington State. Sister dialects are Kalispel and Flathead. We are located in Wellpinit, Washington. Our reservation is between the confluence of the Columbia and Spokane Rivers in eastern Washington State.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Spokane Tribal Language and Culture Program is to restore and revive the Spokane Tribal Language as spoken by our ancestors for the present and future generations of the Spokane Tribal Community.  We are committed to the Spokane Tribe, the language, culture to family and our community.



The Language/Culture Program’s main goal is to revitalize the Spokane Tribal Language and Culture.   Our vision is to hear the language spoken throughout the reservation again.

We will continue to add lessons, stories and a computerized dictionary to our website.

Check the language website and facebook page to see the times that classes are offered during the week.  Also we welcome any suggestions that will help us improve service to the community. 




Marsha Wynecoop

Language Program Manager

Spokane Tribe



Seven Generations from Today:  140 years

The language is spoken throughout the tribal community.  The reclaiming of the language and culture has caused a new sense of pride and dignity in the people.  Many of the social problems of the past have been erased and our people are healthy in all aspects of their lives.

Classes will resume  when Covid 19 is no longer a threat.

Evening Adult Classes

Monday - N/A  On hold

Intermediate Adult Evening Classes

Spokane Language Office

Wednesday N/A On hold

Beginner Adult Evening Classes

Spokane Language Office

For more information call (509) 258-4222.

nč̓eʔʔspʔus Parents these classes will count towards your participation hours 

stem̓  hi  sic...


For more information call (509) 258-4315.

School Hours will be  8:30 am - 3:00 pm Mon-Thur

Langauge Classes in Wellpinit School District.

The Spokane Tribal Language/Culture Program was awarded the Administration for Native Americans, Ester Martinez Language Grant.  The amount of the grant award is $900,000;   $300,000 a year for the next three years. The Grant will be used to fund the Back to the Heart Immersion School and Staff.  Each year we plan to increase the age/grade level of our students.  Enrollment packets will be available soon.  For more information please call 509-258-4315 or 509-258-4222.

qe  slx̣lax̣t  (our friends)

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Our purpose is to ensure the revitalization of our Language and Culture for the future generations of the Spokane Tribal Community.

For school year 2017-18 Salish Language classes will continue to be offered in the Wellpinit School District including Children of the Sun Head Start.  Classes will be held in each grade level.  If you would like to support your child(ren) in their language learning please contact the Language and Culture office and request the materials being taught to your child(ren) at (509) 258-4315.