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Stay tuned for our new updates and phrases! 

berry season/summer

Welcome friends! You have found the place where you can come and enjoy learning the Spokane language. We welcome you! Spokane Salish is the westernmost dialect of a language continuum extending from Montana to Washington State. Sister dialects are from the Kalispel and Flathead tribes.  While our language is similar to one another our Spokane dialect has distinct differences. Our work here is striving to keep our individuality and the uniqueness of our language alive. We hope to make our elders and those who have gone on before us proud by holding on to our dialect and striving to speak the way our ancestors did.  We are happy that you are here to learn Spokane Salish! We are located in Wellpinit, Washington which is on the Spokane Indian Reservation. This is located between the confluence of the Columbia and Spokane Rivers in eastern Washington State.

Do you have questions about the current events our program is holding? Visit us on our Facebook Page. You can also contact
Event Coordinator Adrina Wynecoop at:

Hope to hear from you soon!

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